Welcome to MEME JUDGES


MEME JUDGES is the Judge of the community where people come together to expose scam projects.


Few of us have the experience in security or experience in revealing scam projects.

That's why we decided to have a community that can express the opinion and evaluation of the projects.
Imagine that JUDGE is a book where you can find answers to your questions. Our goal is to have a large number of people where everyone can share their experience or known information!

We don't have the team, we don't have a white paper or road. This project is based only on the future owners.


The world of cryptocurrency is like a wild, wild west. It’s new, filled with opportunities but also ridden with bandits and scams. Many have entered this world with hopes of changing their lives, only to find themselves trapped in schemes that robbed them of their hard- earned money. This dark side of the crypto world scares many people away, keeping them from enjoying the benefits of blockchain technology.


This is where the MEME JUDGES steps in. Imagine JUDGE as your trustworthy friend in this wild west, a friend who helps you stay away from trouble and guides you towards the good stuff. Our main goal is to uncover the scams and show everyone the ugly truth behind them. By doing this, we hope to clean up the mess in the crypto world and help people trust it again.

But our job doesn’t stop at just finding and exposing scams. We also talk to the people who have been scammed, listen to their stories, and share them so others can learn and stay safe. We believe that when people know more, they can avoid falling into the same traps.


JUDGE also wants to help good crypto projects shine and connect them with people who are looking for safe and promising opportunities. By doing this, we hope to create a community where everyone can learn, grow, and benefit from the crypto world without fear.
The road to making the crypto world safer won’t be easy, but with a strong team and support from the community, we are ready for the challenge. In the following sections, we’ll share more about how JUDGE works, what we plan to do, and how you can be a part of this journey towards a safer and trustworthy crypto world. Together, we can clear the fog of scams and help the good in the crypto world shine bright.



TOTAL SUPPLY 10,000,000,000 JUDGE 


☑️BURNED 70% 

☑️🔐LOCKED 10%

(new exchanges)


☑️1/LIQUIDITY  5 %

☑️2/LIQUIDITY  3 %





☑️FREE JUDGE 0.01%






The tokenomics will be displayed after the total integration of the investors.

☑️1/PRIVATE SALE PRICE  0.00000522 $

☑️2/PRIVATE SALE PRICE   0.00000844 $

   ☑️ RAYDIUM PRICE    0.00001 $

  We will collect the budget for liquidation on the market.

☑️🔒(For 1/2/Private Sales contact us)


MEME JUDGES is the Judge of the community and together we can change something!

Join to be part of the JUDGE team!

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